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I live and work as a full time artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and have decades of applied experience in studio art, gallery practice and connecting to community through art. I use unconventional materials to build up surface that frame delicately painted figurative elements. I'm interested in depicting our emotional and essential ties to the natural environment and urban surroundings.  Many of the works hover between abstraction and figurative creating a new figurative style that expresses the unseen in the human psyche and spiritual mystery.
Part of my practice is to work beyond scale, tackling both large and small works and practicing not only in the studio but also creating large paintings outdoors and public spaces sharing with community.

"My recent paintings are primarily about how we react to our environment and the parallels I find within us and the natural order of life.  I want to explore the idea of walking in two worlds, one on this planet abiding the laws of nature  and one that embodies mysteries of universe and what we are in essence of it all. These works are often blurred, scraped back, blocked away or have large sections removed to simultaneously examine or rearrange. Similarly to how we selectively choose memories and perspective in our actions, I try to do the same in my paintings with the familiar shape of a face and the selectively uncanny morphing or rearranging of it's shapes and the shapes surrounding it. These paintings are not meant to represent any one individual but more of the essence of what they may represent through individual perspective and personal relationship to the viewer."


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